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1. Elephant Tales

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Learning Wonders :: FREE CURRICULUM :: Elephant Tales

Elephant Tales Curriculum - Cinco Elephantes!
by Robin Suitt


Suggested activities to be used with the Learning Wonders felt set “Elephant Tales.”


One Elephant



One Elephant went out to play,                                      

Upon a spider’s web one day.

He had such enormous fun,

He asked another elephant to come.


Two Elephants went out to play…

Three Elephants went out to play…

Four Elephants went out to play…

Five Elephants went out to play…


            Music for this rhyme may be found on:

            Sharon, Lois and Bram CD

            One Elephant, Deux Elephant


Reenact song with children .   Have children make elephant masks
 and draw a spider’s web out doors using sidewalk chalk.
S ing song until all “Elephants” are on the web.    


The Elephant – Active Rhyme


An elephant goes like this and that.

    (Clasp hands together with arms extended in front of you and sway back and forth.)

He’s oh, so big.

    (Stretch arms up high)

And he’s oh, so fat.

    (Put arms out to the side.)

He has no fingers,

And he has no toes,

    (Put two fists in front of you.)

But goodness gracious,

What A Nose!

    (Extend clasped hands in front of face like an elephant’s trunk.)


Saggy Baggy – The Poem


The elephant has a trunk for a nose.

And up and down is the way it goes.

He wears such a saggy, baggy hide,

Do you think two Elephants could fit inside?



Sung to ”The Mulberry Bush”


The elephant goes like this and that, this and that, this and that.   (Walk heavily and stomp feet)

The elephant goes like this and that,

Cause he’s so big and he’s so fat. (Puff our cheeks and stretch out arms)


He has no fingers and has no toes, has no fingers and has no toes (Wiggle fingers; wiggle toes)

He has no fingers and has no toes,

But oh my goodness, What a Nose! (Pull hands out from face to suggest long trunk)


  Three Big Elephants                  


Three big elephants

Oh, what a sight.


Swinging their trunks

From left to right.


Two are followers

And one tries to sing.


They all walk around

In the circus ring!



Circus Song

Sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”


Let’s all go to the Circus Tent, Circus Tent, Circus Tent

Let’s all to the circus tent and see what we can see.


We will watch the elephants march, elephants march, elephants march.

We will watch the elephants march around the circus ring.


We will watch the Dancing Bears…

We will watch the Jumping dogs…

We will watch the funny clowns….

We will watch the high Trapeze …

We will eat cotton candy…   
  Cinco Elefantes    
   Music for this theme: Jose Luis Orozco
  elefante se columpiaba sobre la 
   (elephant trunk swaying)

tela de una arana.  (spider falling from web, finger movements) C omo veia que ( cup hands like binoculars over eyes)

resistia, fue a llamar a otro elefante .(call another elephant out)


Pum, Pum, Pum (movements like an elephant)


( Repeat for other numbers)

Dos elefantes se columpiaban sobre la

tela de una arana.Como veian que

resistia, fueron a llamar a otro elefante.

 Pum, Pum, Pum


Tres elefantes se columpiaban sobre la …


Cuatro …

Cinco …




Elephants At Work and Play
A fingerplay with numbers

As 5 little elephants marched through the grass
march fingers of right hand
They decided to stop and have a music class,
The first blew his trumpet and announced he'd be teacher.
make a trumpet of fists and blow
The next gave a call of the wild jungle animal
cup hands to mouth, make a low eerie sound
The third and fourth elephants trumpeted a song,
make a trumpet and blow twice
But the last little elephant just followed along,
Then he left the others as he didn't care to play,
And he carried tree logs the rest of the day.

   link the little finger under two fingers of the left hand and carry them away

A Elephant
When people call this beast to mind
They marvel more and more
At such a little tail behind
So large a trunk before.

Elephant Tales

Elephant Tales
See details
Elephant Tales
SKU: 9009

Five 6" Playful Elephants
14" Spider's Web
5 Peanuts
Numbers 0-5
 8" Bathtub
The Scarry Mouse
Use for:
One Elephant Went out to Play
Market price: $12.95
Our price: $9.95 save 23%

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