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1. Color Bears

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Learning Wonders :: FREE CURRICULUM :: Color Bears - Page 1 & 2



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Color Bears and other stories includes 60 colorful felt pieces.

6 of each character in 3 primary and 3 secondary colors.

10 different characters Bears, Birds, Cats, Mice, Fish,

Balloons, Kites, Cars, Houses and Hearts




Once upon a time, in a land far away live a blue bear.   Blue bear lived in a nice blue house and he drove a cute little blue car.   Blue bear had many friends.   They were blue bird, blue mouse, and blue fish.    Every time blue bear picked a balloon, it was blue, and he only flew blue kites.   Blue bear just loved (blue heart) blue.   Everything in blue bear’s world was blue.  


Not far away from blue bear lived yellow bear.    Yellow bear lived in a very nice yellow house and he drove a cute little yellow car.   Yellow bear had many friends. They were yellow bird, yellow mouse, and yellow fish.    Every time yellow bear picked a balloon, it was yellow, and he only flew yellow kites.   Yellow bear just loved (yellow heart) yellow.   Everything in yellow bear’s world was yellow.


Down the road from yellow bear lived red bear.    Red bear lived in a very nice red house and he drove a cute little red car.   Blue bear had many friends.   They were red bird, red mouse and red fish.    Every time red bear picked a balloon it was red, and he only flew red kites.   Red bear just loved (red heart) red.   Everything in red bear’s world was red.   


One summer day, blue bear was flying his blue kite with his friend blue bird.   Blue bird was flying so high he could see the whole valley.   From up in the sky blue bird saw yellow bear’s house.   He saw that yellow bear was have some trouble with his yellow car.   Blue bird flew down and told blue bear all about poor yellow bears troubles.    Blue bear did not know what to do.   Blue bear never spoke to yellow bear before.   He never played with yellow bear, he had never even been to yellow bears house.   From up high in the sky, blue bird could see that yellow bear’s troubles seemed to be getting worse.   His car would not start.   Yellow bear needed help.  


Thinking about going to yellow bear’s house made Blue Bear scared.   He thought, “Yellow bear is not like me, he is yellow, he is different.”   He walked down to his pond to ask blue fish what to do.   Blue fish said, “Yellow bear is a bear, and your are a bear.   Maybe you are not so different.”   Blue bear knew that blue fish was right.   He got in his blue car and drove to yellow bear’s house.   Blue bird followed.


Yellow bear was surprised to see blue bear.   Yellow bear did not know what to say.   “Hello, I am blue bear, I live over there in the blue house.   My friend blue bird was flying high up in the sky and saw that you needed help with your yellow car.   We thought we could help you.”


Yellow bear was so happy. “Yes, I do need help.   If you do not mind, my yellow car will not start.   Do you know anything about cars?”   Blue bear said he would look and see.   Yellow bear and blue bear worked and worked on that yellow car.    As they worked, they talked and discovered they each had a bird friend and a fish friend.   The both love cars and each enjoyed flying balloons and kites.   Finally, they found the problem.   Blue bear and Yellow bear worked together for the first time.   And you will never guess what happened?   When blue bear and yellow bear worked together on the car, it turned green!   They had never seen green before!   What a wonderful sight!   They shouted and danced for joy.  


They made so much noise that red bear arrived in his red car to see what all the fuss was all about.   Red bear had not talked to blue bear or yellow bear, nor had he ever seen green before.   He was amazed.   Red bear asked if he could help yellow bear.   Yellow bear said sure!   As red bear began to help …guess what… the car turned orange!   What a wonderful sight!   They shouted and danced for joy again.  


Then blue bear and red bear began to work together to finish the work on yellow bear’s car.   Just at they finished… guess what…. The car turned purple!    None of the 3 bears had ever seen purple before.   They began to dance around.   The three new friends did not know what a colorful world they lived in.


The 3 new friends looked around and he began to see everything in new vibrant colors.   (Place the 6 hearts on the felt board in the shape of a rainbow) Blue bear shouted,
”What a beautiful world we live in, when we work together.”   They all agreed.


From that day forward, the 3 bears worked together, played together, and shared every day.   The more they worked together the more colorful their world became.  


“Have you Seen, ANYTHING Green?”

One day Gabby, the Green Car drove down the road.   He was noticing all the beautiful and colorful things along the way.   He saw the red balloon, the orange kite, the blue house, a yellow fish, a purple bird, a red mouse, an orange car, a yellow bear, a blue cat, and a purple heart.   However, he did not see anything GREEN.  


He asked the balloon, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before balloon could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked kite, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before kite could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked house, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before house could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked fish, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before fish could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked the bird, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before bird could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked the mouse, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before mouse could answer, Gabby   drove off.  

He asked the bear, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before bear could answer, Gabby drove off.  


He asked the cat, “Have you seen, anything GREEN?”   Before cat could answer, Gabby drove off.  


(Replace all the varied colored pieces with the corresponding green piece on the felt board.   Remove the Purple heart, but do not replace it with the green heart until end of story)


All at once, Gabby heard shouting. They all shouted, “Hey Gabby, Have you seen anything GREEN?”   He turned around and saw everything GREEN!   Balloon, Kite, House, Fish, Bird, Mouse, Bear, and Cat were all green.   Gabby smiled.   Green Bear asked, “Gabby why were you looking for something green?” Gabby just loved the color green.  



Color Bears - Page 1 & 2

Color Bears
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Color Bears
SKU: 9001

Learning Wonders Top Seller!
60 Un-cut Felt Figures
Primary and Secondary
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